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Chemical Engineering is a discipline of engineering concerned with the physical sciences like chemistry, physics and life sciences. Its starting is assumed in 19th century as it was studies as thermodynamics thereafter it was renamed to chemical engineering in 1885 with the opening of a course in chemical engineering at Central College (now Imperial College), London. Later on it became more popular as a separate branch of engineering with the use of elements of elements of mathematics, statistics and general sciences.

Chemical engineering is used to transform and processing at large scale manufacturing and is used extensively in industrial chemistry and is applied in organic and inorganic chemicals, fuels, agrochemicals (fertilizers, pesticides), polymer industry, detergents and cleaning products, fragrances, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry and environmental technology.

Chemical engineering is an essential of several engineering branches including Biochemical engineering, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Bio-molecular, Biotechnology, Ceramics, Chemical Technology, Chemical reactor, Computational fluid dynamics, Corrosion engineering, Electrochemistry, Environmental, Earthquake, explosive, Fluid dynamics, Food, industrial, Metallurgy, Micro-fluidics, Nanotechnology, Petro-, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Polymer, Process Systems, Paper, Safety engineering, Separation processes , Textile engineering, Thermodynamics and Water technology.

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