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Electrical engineering is a discipline of engineering concerned with the study and applications of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. The term "Electrical engineering" first appeared in late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electrical power supply and electric telegraph. Presently it has been extended to different fields of science and engineering technology by including powers, electronics, telecommunications, control systems and signal processing. Mostly people’s compares electrical engineering with electronic engineering but it differs in several manners. Electronic engineering deals with using electricity to process signals and information while electric engineering is concerned with the transmission of energy by using electricity. Alternatively electronic engineering deals with small-scale (or micro) electronic systems like integrated circuits and computers while electrical engineering is associated with large scale electrical systems like motor control and power transmission.

William Gilbert was the first person to make an electric device which could detect the present of charged objects as well as he differentiate magnetism and static electricity by giving the definition of electricity in early 17th century while Thomas Edison built the world’s first large scale electricity supply infrastructure. Later some more scientist and researchers enriched the electrical engineering like Sir Charles Parsons and Nikola Tesla.

Electrical engineering has its own sub-branches like power engineering and control engineering and covers various topics on power generation, transmission, distribution, transformers, electric generators, motors, electrical circuit, digital signal processors, microcontrollers, PLCs, industrial automation etc. It is used along with other branches of engineering to develop the new mechanism and technologies such as electromagnetism microelectronics engineering, signal processing, industrial atomization, electro-cardiology, medical engineering, ventilators, MRI scanners, aircraft engineering, Astronomy, telecommunication engineering etc.

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