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Information technology (or IT) is a subsidiary discipline of engineering based on computer science and telecommunication. According to wikipedia Information technology is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textural and numerical information by using a perfect set of principles from computer sciences, electronics and telecommunication. The term “Information Technology” appeared first in an article published in Harvard Business Review in 1958, in which researcher Whisler and Leavitt used the term to define the new technology related to communication and engineering.

IT is a subject to manage the technology and data by using computer hardware and software, information systems, programming languages and data storing and manipulation techniques. It covers all the forms of information whether it is a text, image, audio, video or files having information and knowledge of any type. Information technology is a wide area of engineering and is used extensively in all walks of life including online and offline data management, networking, database and software design, administration and management of entire system. . It integrates several technologies and helps scientist, researchers and administrators in various fields of life such as telecommunication, astronomy, Internet, database management, research and educational organizations and industries.

It covers various topics related to Computing, Content repository, Delegation in IT, Digital technologies, E-Services, Information and communication technologies, Information and communication technologies, Information appliances, Information architecture, Information ethics, Information industry, Information Infrastructure, Information processing, Information society, Information systems, Information Technology Architecture, Information technology companies, Information technology law, Information technology management, Informatization, sustainability, Technological convergence, etc.

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